Stephanie King Alumni Profile

As an active duty member of the United States Army, Stephanie King has always had an interest in pursuing further education. “Furthering my education not only benefits my current career, it provides potential opportunities for the future,” she said.

But the Commander of a Special Operations Tactical PSYOP Detachment currently stationed at Fort Bragg in North Carolina was unable to pursue a traditional graduate degree program. “Online truly was my only option based on my current occupation,” King said.

Having earned her bachelor’s degree from an institution in her home state of Pennsylvania, King wanted another institution that connected her to her roots. She did this by entering the Point Park University online Master of Arts in Intelligence and Global Security. This program offered King the opportunity to balance her service responsibilities with the time commitment of pursuing a degree.

During her studies, King delved into relevant issues that intelligence professionals face on a daily basis. Ultimately, she developed a deeper interest in cyber crime prevention.

“It was interesting learning about the vulnerabilities of [the] cyber world,” she explained. “They are increasingly going to become a more prevalent problem in the future.”

With the innovative online classroom, King was able to maintain regular contact with both her peers and instructors. Thanks to the dedicated support staff, she had constant access to help when needed. She even completed her final degree assignment while in a German airport on her way to a deployment to Afghanistan.

“Any issues, concerns, and questions pertaining to the course were always answered in a timely manner,” she said.

With her degree program completed, King is ready for the next challenge in her career. “Now I have an education and degree to pursue various careers,” she said.

King recommends Point Park’s program to other potential students. “I would most certainly recommend this program as well as the University to others,” she explained. “Go for it! Life is too short to just think about furthering your education.”