Digital marketing is fast becoming the centerpiece of every company’s marketing strategy, and social media plays one of the biggest roles. A social media manager has the important task of overseeing a brand’s social media channels, which are increasingly the most important customer-facing pieces of a business.

Social media allows businesses, nonprofits, government agencies, and individuals to interact with customers and clients directly. The role of a social media manager is to provide the expertise to accomplish this successfully, avoiding pitfalls and understanding how best to drive interest in a social media channel.

With customers moving online in droves, social media managers are in demand more than ever. Earning a Bachelor of Arts in Social Media Management puts graduates on the path to earn leadership jobs in this rewarding profession.

The Demand for Social Media Managers

Every organization needs a social media manager to represent their brand. From sports teams and soft drink companies to utilities and banks, all have a unique presence on social media. Many individuals also employ social media managers, including politicians and celebrities. Social media now serves the role of an online calling card.

Skills learned in social media marketing are transferable to every industry, and demand for those skills is extremely high. Recent numbers from a study by LinkedIn show that hiring in marketing increased 63% in the past six months. Social media manager ranked among the most in-demand jobs within marketing. The top industries hiring marketers include:

  • Arts
  • Retail
  • Education
  • Corporate services
  • Software and IT Services
  • Legal
  • Design
  • Media and Communications

Federal government statistics also point to a rosy future for marketers, including social media managers. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 6 percent increase in advertising, promotions, and marketing managers by 2029. The annual median salary for social media managers is $105,102, according to

What Does a Social Media Manager Do?

Social media managers curate a brand’s social channels, including Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and Facebook. They also monitor a company’s listing with Google and oversee responses to online customer reviews.

In the past, managing social media may have been part of another person’s job in marketing. Today, it is far too important. Specialists are needed when the opportunity exists to positively engage with thousands of consumers online – and the danger exists of destroying a good reputation with one off-base Tweet.

Social media managers write the text for posts and work with design teams to create engaging, shareable images. They also monitor and respond to audience comments and manage social media partnerships with other brands. Social media managers play a central role in developing digital marketing campaigns and working with marketing executives. They also contribute to the collection and analysis of online consumer data.

Becoming a social media manager is a good career choice for those who want a job with room for creativity and the chance to work in a rapidly growing and challenging field.

Skills Needed for Success

Successful social media managers offer a combination of skills and education. Most have earned a bachelor’s degree. Many will have spent time doing the nuts and bolts work of social media marketing. As managers, they also must set realistic goals for social media campaigns and establish KPIs and understand how to analyze data to ensure they are met.

Some of the skills needed for success include the following:

Communication. Social media managers need high-level writing and speaking skills. They need the ability to write in various styles and “voices,” including the one associated with their brand. The ability to write engaging copy – no matter the word count – is paramount. They also must take direction from those who may lack great communication skills, transforming their ideas into messages that meet company expectations while engaging readers.

Creativity. Social media managers need to think around corners and outside the box, coming up with innovative ideas to promote a brand. A major part of the job is standing out from the competition.

Organizational skills. Most social media managers have many plates spinning simultaneously. Ensuring they don’t crash takes great time management and organizational skills.

A “people person.” With more customers preferring to reach out via social media rather than the traditional phone call or email, social media managers need great listening skills and a commitment to providing customer service.

The Point Park University BA in Social Media Management

The BA in Social Media Management from Point Park University is a degree completion program that provides graduates with skills and knowledge in modern management techniques and innovative social media marketing strategies.

The program’s curriculum includes courses in digital marketing, media ethics, multimedia, digital photography, PR writing, social media practices, social media crisis and strategic communications, and social analytics and SEO. It’s offered online, giving students the flexibility to schedule time for school in a way that works best for them.

Earning a BA in Social Media Management opens the doors to the best jobs in this growing field. With the internet becoming a bigger part of consumers’ lives, it’s a smart career choice for now and the future.