What Is an EMS Degree?

The work of first responders is a critical public service that can help save countless lives. Emergency medical services (EMS) professionals, in particular, are crucial in helping citizens who have suffered some kind of harm and in promoting general safety. Significant experience and training are required to advance beyond the traditional roles of emergency medical technician and paramedic. Earning an EMS degree can help. But what is an EMS degree and what benefits can it bring to your career in EMS services?

What is an EMS degree?

The curriculum includes significant training in basic leadership skills and techniques, as well as knowledge on modern issues and challenges that face EMS professionals on a daily basis. Courses offer foundational instruction on legal guidelines, common regulations and the safety and risk management of EMS teams.

In addition to gaining a theoretical groundwork in EMS best practices, the right EMS program will also offer insight from experienced EMS professionals. Courses should be taught by professors with real-world experience, so you can take classroom lessons and turn them into skills that can be applied immediately.

How can it help?

A degree is not required to become a part of the EMS field; certification is typically all that is required to become an emergency medical technician or paramedic. But for those who are looking to move beyond those careers, an EMS degree can help.

The degree can help you find a management position, with the attendant rise in salary and benefits. You will gain an important credential that will testify to your skill in the field and your knowledge of the latest techniques and best practices. According to the salary statistic database at PayScale.com, the median salary for EMS managers is $56,692 annually — a significant increase from the median salary for EMTs and paramedics of $31,020. And because EMS careers are expected to grow 23 percent by 2022, an EMS degree will help you qualify for the increased number of management roles available.

Where can I earn the degree?

At Point Park University, we offer an online Bachelor of Science in Public Administration – EMS Administration that will help you advance your career in the EMS field. This unique program offers EMS-specific education from leaders with years of expertise to share. Thanks to our partnership with the National Fire Academy, you will be eligible to receive certifications from one of the country’s leading providers of emergency services education. Graduates of our program have gone on to work in EMS departments of all sizes and even in federal agencies.

Because the program is offered fully online, you can earn your degree while still working and meeting personal obligations. Our flexible and convenient programs are designed to help you succeed. Learn how to take the next step in your EMS career by contacting us.