Jonathan Dalbey is a person you want to see in a medical emergency. In his nearly 15 years as a paramedic, he has worked in rural and urban communities and as a flight paramedic. With his breadth of experience, Jonathan has interacted with volunteer, nonprofit, local, state, and federal agencies. Each organization has its procedural guidelines for disaster and emergency medicine.

Jonathan Dalbey stands next to a table draped with a cover that readsGaining a greater understanding of how these entities operate and function differently led Jonathan to pursue his online Bachelor of Science in Public Administration at Point Park University.

Jonathan understands firsthand that coordination and collaboration are critical when dealing with life-and-death circumstances. His academic work at Point Park dovetails with his experience, leadership, and professional growth as an emergency medicine specialist.

Prehospital Care Team at UPMC

Jonathan works on the Prehospital Care Team at UPMC Presbyterian Hospital in Pittsburgh.

The Prehospital Care Team assists EMS services in the region, offering medical direction with dedicated physicians. “We provide ongoing training and education for EMS providers,” said Jonathan.

The program provides follow-up and assesses patient outcomes on patients cared for by EMS. They also liaison with regional health systems and EMS services, providing critical infrastructure for coordinated interaction.

In addition, Jonathan participates in the Minutes Matter campaign. “Minutes Matter is a UPMC initiative in collaboration with the City of Pittsburgh to educate the public on lifesaving techniques so they can quickly intervene and help in an emergency,” Jonathan said.

Family Time

When he’s not helping keep his community safe and building his public administration skills, Jonathan enjoys spending time with his family. “I like to spend time with my wife and one-year-old son,” he said. “I enjoy making homemade pizza from scratch and love to grill outside.”

Point Park: A Path for Working Adults Pursuing Professional Goals

“Point Park was great to work with and accepted nearly all of my transfer credits,” said Jonathan. “The Public Administration program interested me because it allowed me to study public administration with a concentration in EMS.”

Of Jonathan’s many engaging courses in his public administration studies, he particularly enjoyed the PADM 381 “History Perspectives” course, saying, “I found that to be an excellent class!”

The course takes books on the Battle of Gettysburg to the battlefield. “After reading several books on the topic, we participated in a three-day tour given by a licensed battlefield guide,” explained Jonathan. Students applied the in-depth historical perspective of a seminal point in American history to leadership, decision-making, and communications. “We were then challenged to apply the principles we discussed to our current professions,” he said.

“I also completed an independent study in PADM 320 Disaster and Emergency Preparedness that I thoroughly enjoyed and found extremely interesting.”

Jonathan plans on graduating with a BS in Public Administration this summer. He credits the flexibility of Point Park’s online programs for working professionals. “All the professors are understanding and flexible, knowing that many students work full-time jobs,” he said.

Jonathan represents the best. The first responders, The ones we depend on when misfortune unexpectedly arrives. The disaster and emergency medical system works when the skills of on-scene emergency medicine mesh with administrative expertise.

“I hope to apply my education to better fulfill and grow in my role as an EMS Specialist and hopefully advance within the health system in the future,” Jonathan said. Point Park is proud to play a part in Jonathan’s journey.