Overview – Public Administration Certificate

A Certificate for Public Service Professionals

Our society depends on public servants. While elected officials make the news, professionals behind the scenes are the ones who can have the biggest impact. Now, get the skills and credential you need to make a difference with the online Public Administration certificate from Point Park University. Point Park’s online public administration certificate is designed for your convenience, helping you keep work and family commitments while training for exciting career advancement.

Curriculum Overview

Our fully online public administration certificate program is designed for public servants by public servants. Our courses are created and taught by professors with years of experience in their fields. With courses in public budgeting, public policy and decision analysis, Point Park’s online public administration certificate gives deep insight into relevant public policy topics and prepares you with the real-world knowledge you need for a public administration career. Whether you are looking to move off the front lines and into management or whether you want to start your public administration career, Point Park’s online public administration certificate will ensure the support you need in a flexible, fully online environment that works with your schedule.

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  • Next Start Date: October 22, 2023

Est. Program Length: 1 Year
Credit Hours: 12
Course Length: 8 Weeks
Cost Per Credit: $740
  • Est. Program Length: Less than 12 months

  • Credit Hours: 18

  • Course Length: 8 Weeks

  • Cost Per Credit: $710

  • Transfer Credits Accepted: N/A

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Course Offerings

Course Description
Select 3 PADM courses in the 200+ level based off your area of interest (Fire, EMS, or General Administration)

Career Outcomes

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median wage for public servants was $54,120 annually in 2015. By pursuing further education, you can tap into these rewarding careers through a variety of careers, including:

More commonly known as “fire chiefs,” fire services managers are the highest administrators within a fire department. They are responsible for planning, organizing and executing fire prevention services, which may include such varied roles as establishing policies, planning goals, supervising staff, preparing budgets, supervising inspections, meeting with elected officials and responding to major emergencies.

Labor relations coordinators work as liaisons between employees and their companies. They are often responsible for negotiating collective bargaining agreements, organizing employee grievance procedures, representing their company during labor disputes, meeting with unions and drafting proposals for contracts. These individuals must possess excellent listening, speaking and negotiation skills.

Community programs directors organize and oversee social service programs. Among their responsibilities, they may identify needed program areas, develop program budgets, manage program staff, plan outreach activities and obtain data about program effectiveness. Community programs directors must possess excellent problem-solving, time management and interpersonal skills.

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