Why earn a Post-Baccalaureate degree in Marketing and Sales online?

Marketing and sales are both major factors in business success. With Point Park University’s online post-baccalaureate degree in marketing and sales, you’ll learn to research and interpret data as well as effectively present information, influence sales and negotiate in diverse industries. Through advanced courses grounded in essential marketing and sales topics, you’ll become proficient in buyer behavior, digital marketing concepts, sales management, product innovation and more. Designed for working individuals eager for career advancement, the post-baccalaureate degree in marketing and sales is delivered fully online and provides flexible schedule options, so you can learn on your own time as you take the next step toward success.

Curriculum Overview

Point Park University’s online Post-Baccalaureate degree in Marketing and Sales helps students learn to research, identify and interpret data, present diverse information and negotiate professionally. Taught by professionals for professionals, each course included in this program focuses on the career-ready skills students need for success. Discover what you can achieve as a leader in your career by earning a marketing degree online.

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Point Park University is proud to introduce a new Prior Learning Assessment and Advanced Standing/Experiential Learning Credit opportunities. Students can transfer credits from qualifying experiences including other college institutions, College Level Examination Program (CLEP), DANTES Subject Standardized Tests (DSST exams) or UEXCEL exams, Advanced Placement (AP) credit and experiential learning assessment portfolio submissions. Experiential learning credits are not considered current coursework for financial aid and they do not fulfill any of the minimum 30 credits that must be completed at Point Park University to graduate. In addition, experiential learning credits through portfolio submissions are capped at 9 credits.

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  • Next Start Date: October 22, 2023

Est. Program Length: 2 Years
Credit Hours: 39
Course Length: 8 Weeks
Cost Per Credit: $495
Transfer Credits Accepted: Up to 9
  • Est. Program Length: 2 Years

  • Credit Hours: 39

  • Course Length: 8 Weeks

  • Cost Per Credit: $495

  • Transfer Credits Accepted: Up to 9

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How Marketing and Sales Makes an Impact

Marketing and sales professionals play particularly impactful roles within and for organizations. They often serve as the revenue drivers, influencers, awareness creators, researchers and connectors.

Course Offerings

Course Description
The course focuses on the computerized and Web-based systems used in business. Topics covered will include knowledge management, customer relationship management, enterprise resource management, and supply chain management.

And Pick 1:

Course Description
Data analysis and charts, rules of probability, conditional probability, distributions, random variables, sampling, confidence interval estimates, hypothesis testing, regression and correlation. Students enrolling in this course should have a background in college preparatory algebra, including high school Algebra I and Algebra II or equivalent.

Course Description
A study of descriptive and inductive statistics as applied to decision theory. A number of forecasting models are presented along with inventory and linear optimization models. Prerequisite: BUS 307 or MATH 150 or Permission from Advisor.

Course Description
Students will study concepts of operations management. Students will learn to use statistical techniques and quantitative analysis to apply to business type problems. Topics will include: Project management (PERT), use of formulas/mathematical equations/probability to make business decisions, models such as linear programming, forecasting, and basic inventory models.

Course Description
Business Negotiating General research, analysis and consideration of concepts in human behavior, conflict resolution and negotiation. Also includes various approaches to negotiating in business. Prerequisite: Junior or Senior Standing.MKTS 306 Advanced Selling – Building on the foundational class (MKTS 206), this course will focus on advanced instruction in selling techniques with an emphasis on needs analysis, buying motives, influence and creative problem-solving to prepare students for success in entry-level professional selling positions. It will provide an opportunity for students to apply selling skills through extensive role-playing and practical application.

Course Description
This foundational marketing course introduces students to the principles and practices of marketing, including core marketing concepts, the marketing mix, the marketing environment, business and consumer markets, marketing research, marketing technology and marketing planning. Students will explore marketing careers and gain an understanding of the dynamic role of marketing in an organization and in society.

Course Description
This foundational selling course takes a holistic approach to selling and the sales process, emphasizing sales strategies and techniques from a need-satisfaction perspective. Topics will include sales careers, the role of sales in an organization, communication and influence skills, ethics and social responsibility and the selling process. Students will have an opportunity to apply the selling process, including pre-call research, prospecting, uncovering needs and buying motives, presenting sales messages, negotiating and gaining commitment through exercises and role-plays.

Course Description
The internet and related technology skills are required by most business today – particularly in the realm of marketing. You’ll learn the basic language of the online marketing ecosystem including advertising, search engine optimization/management, analytics, content development/deployment and social media. This is a hybrid course, combining online learning with in-person implementation of learning with real clients during our class time. Dual listed with SAEM 210.

Course Description
Understanding decision processes and the buying behavior of consumers and organizations guides development of marketing and sales initiatives. In this course, concepts, theories and frameworks will be introduced to understand buyer behavior and its implications for marketing and sales decision-making.

Course Description
Marketing and selling oneself is important in many aspects of personal and professional development, particularly in the fields of marketing and sales. In this course, students will build their own professional personal brand and conduct business with appropriate and expected etiquette. Marketing and sales concepts and theories, including the marketing mix and sales process, will be used for personal brand development and business development.

Course Description
This course emphasizes the role of systematic information gathering and analysis for marketing decision-making with an emphasis on the analysis and interpretation of primary and secondary data. Principles of marketing analytics will be covered with a focus on translating data into meaningful business insights and strategy. Data privacy and ethics will also be considered. Case studies and-or client-based projects will be utilized.

Course Description
Innovation is essential to the long-term success – and even survival – of most organizations. Effective, ethical marketing offerings solve problems and satisfy needs, and ongoing product development efforts require creativity and innovation. This course introduces and explores innovation as a management process, investigating the role of creativity in innovation, value creation through innovation and product development and the product development process.

Course Description
Effective sales management is integral to an organization’s success. This course provides a framework for the integration of sales within the organization’s overall marketing effort. Emphasis will be placed on designing, organizing, developing and directing a sales force ethically and responsibly with a focus on problem-solving and critical thinking.

Course Description
In marketing and sales, both strategy and implementation are significantly impacted by technology and digital tools, and this course will explore new and existing technologies to better prepare students to enter these dynamic fields. Prerequisites:MKTS 205, MKTS 206.

Course Description
Planning and coordinating a dynamic and aggressive marketing campaign and synthesizing the tools of marketing.

Career Outcomes

Earning an online post-baccalaureate degree in marketing and sales will open doors to exciting new professional opportunities, along with higher salary potential. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the need for market research professionals is on the rise, as it is expected that the industry will expand by 23% by 2026. While the marketing and sales industry continues to grow much faster than the average rate of expansion, now is the perfect time to become a professional in this field. The following are careers that you will be eligible for after earning a sales and marketing degree online.

Market research analysts determine where and how companies should market their products and services to increase profits. These professionals interpret market research and examine sales histories, so companies can better understand what types of consumers are interested in their products and services, and how much consumers are willing to pay for them. To be successful in this position, market research analysts must demonstrate excellent data analyzation skills and a deep understanding of essential marketing concepts.

Marketing managers are responsible for supervising a company’s marketing department to ensure all procedures are being followed correctly and goals are being met. These professionals must communicate with diverse business departments, analyze market research to set realistic goals and ensure all marketing employees are equipped with the skills and resources they need to be successful. It’s vital that these professionals demonstrate a thorough understanding of essential marketing concepts, plus advanced communication and decision-making skills.

Sales managers are responsible for supervising a company’s sales team to ensure best practices are being followed and sales goals are being met. Responsibilities for this position include examining market research to set realistic sales goals, communicating directly with consumers and organizing training programs for sales associates. To be successful in this career, sales managers must have effective communication and decision-making skills.

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