Overview – International Business Management

Graduate Certificate

A Certificate for International Business Leadership Professionals in the Global Marketplace

Created for working professionals interested in international business and management within the global marketplace, this graduate certificate offers career-focused education and a competitive edge that will help turn your ambition into reality.

Build a bridge to a fulfilling, high-paying career while you make a difference in an industry you care deeply about.

As a graduate certificate student, you’ll gain a deep understanding of international economics, business, education, finance, and cultures as well as in-depth knowledge about current realities and demands unfolding in the global marketplace.

The program student population includes both national and international students, creating a synergy that contributes to a deep understanding of international business and cross-cultural awareness. This awareness is enhanced further by international student presentations on business and economic issues relating to their home countries.

A Professional and Academic Springboard

For working professionals interested in the Global Marketplace, Point Park’s online International Business Management graduate certificate can open new doors to more challenging, fulfilling, and higher-paying career options. The certificate program will also give course credit for future educational opportunities as credits earned in this program can be used toward Point Park University’s MBA degree – on ground or online.

Why Earn a Graduate Certificate in International Business Management?

  • Gain the knowledge and skills you need to advance your career in management level leadership for the global marketplace.
  • Qualify for higher-paying positions in international business management.
  • Differentiate yourself from other candidates when applying for international business management level leadership positions.
  • Make a positive impact on the international business industry by improving your ability to manage global business organizations effectively.

Curriculum Overview

Graduates will be well-equipped to succeed in a variety of international business leadership roles. Whether you’re seeking to advance within your current organization or pursue new opportunities, the International Business Management Graduate Certificate from Point Park University provides the tools and knowledge necessary to thrive in today’s dynamic global business environment.

  • Next Start Date: 8/27/2023

Est. Program Length: Less than 12 months
Credit Hours: 12
Course Length: 8 Weeks
Cost Per Credit: $759
  • Est. Program Length: Less than 12 months

  • Credit Hours: 12

  • Course Length: 8 Weeks

  • Cost Per Credit: $759

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Course Offerings

Course Description
The framework for international economic analysis is examined with respect to the global aspects of supply, and demand. International trade theories, geographic trade patterns, globalization, multinational corporations, and international variations of corporate and national economic policies are reviewed and evaluated.

Course Description
This course provides an overview of the financial function including applications and sources of corporate funds relating to the money and capital markets. This course also examines the special risks and returns of international operations. Special financial considerations of beginning operations such as joint ventures in another country, different tax systems, foreign exchange valuation, altered working capital and long-term funding arrangements such as use of the Eurodollar and other capital sources are analyzed.

Course Description
This course introduces the global environment of multinational and transnational business operations. Topics to be discussed include the structures and processes of international business transactions as well as the impact of major economic, political, social and ecological issues. The positive and negative impacts of globalization will be assessed.

Course Description
Topic to be determined by the instructor.

Career Outcomes

Careers in the field of international business need professionals with specialized training as global business practices evolve and companies become more open to ideas from across the world. With Point Park University’s graduate certificate, professionals will stand out as qualified candidates for rewarding careers similar to those listed below and more.

Procurement managers coordinate the acquisition of products and services for an organization. They monitor market trends, develop cost-effective acquisition methods, estimate budgets for purchases and create and maintain relationships with suppliers while understanding risk management and how to develop procurement reports.

Management analysts evaluate and analyze an organization’s data, identify issues and develop and implement solutions. They analyze company information like business plans, goals, employee framework, financial status and future ventures, and design strategies to improve performance. Management analysts develop and conduct risk analysis, analyze investment reports and develop strategies that enhance the market value of an organization’s products or services for increased profitability.

Business advisors design and execute strategies to improve financial management and business efficiency. They perform risk analysis, analyze financial records, prepare budgets, evaluate marketing and sales strategies and identify opportunities for business growth. They also recommend operational changes, execute business strategies and develop and maintain professional networks.

Source: Indeed.com

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