In an effort to make continuing education more accessible, Point Park University has reduced the per credit cost for most master’s programs from $881 to $759.  

The reduction means on-ground and online program tuition are now in sync. The new pricing is in effect for the Fall 2022 semester. The University also reduced the online undergraduate rate from $520 per credit to $495.  

The graduate programs often serve Pittsburgh-area residents who are already working and building careers throughout the region. Making it more affordable for these professionals to continue their education is core to Point Park’s desire to serve the community, President Don Green said. 

Lower College Tuition is One Way Point Park University Works to Make Higher Education More Accessible

“Point Park is proud of the work it has done over the years in providing continuing education to professionals throughout the region,” Green said. “Making those opportunities easier and more accessible is just another way we can continue to be good community stewards.”  

Nelson Chipman, Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs and Director of Online Education, said the synergy in pricing for online and on-ground is important for graduate-level programs. 

“We want to meet students where they are,” he said. “Graduate students often want to take some courses online and others on-ground for numerous reasons, and the price difference can cause them a lot of financial aid headaches.” 

Pricing on-ground and online at the same level makes Point Park’s graduate grants and scholarships available in all modalities, allows for the expansion of alumni discounts, and makes it easier for corporate partners to offer online options for employees now working from home.   

Scholarships at Point Park University

In addition to lower college tuition, Point Park University also offers scholarships and services that make the university a good choice for all students. Working adults who balance education with a full-time job can especially benefit from receiving financial support as they complete a degree program. The Point Park Pathway to Completion program offers scholarships of up to $1,000 for those who enroll to complete their undergraduate degree. 

The Get Started Scholarship offers undergraduate students $50 per credit over the first three terms of their enrollment with a total scholarship of $900 for 18 credits. The scholarship is available to new students who remain continuously enrolled. New students who have already enrolled for Fall 2022 classes will receive this scholarship. 

Point Park University offers generous merit scholarships in five schools: Arts and Sciences; Business; Communications and Education; Conservatory of Performing Arts; and Graduate, Adult and International.  

Students Benefit from Point Park University Resources and Support

The Open Education Resource program at Point Park University also provides financial support by helping students save on textbook costs – in some cases, as much as $1,500 to $2,000. Students may qualify for grants that are awarded based on financial need. Point Park also offers a generous credit transfer policy. 

Once students begin classes either online or at the university’s downtown Pittsburgh campus, they have access to tutoring services and career resources offered through the university, including the Professional Career-Readiness Center. Point Park assigns each student a faculty advisor and success coordinator to guide them throughout their educational journey. 

“Keeping and developing talented professionals here in Western Pennsylvania is critical for the long-term success of the region,” Green said. “Easier access to continuing education helps these people rise higher and faster in the workplace right here at home.”