With so many options in today’s education marketplace, it’s important that you find the university that works best for you. At Point Park University, we understand our students want options with their education. This is why we offer a variety of flexible degree programs that provide our students with career-applicable skills.

With the program descriptions below, we’ll help you discover the degree that’s right for you.

Public Administration

Public servants keep critical services running to help a city or state function well. These individuals don’t just work for the federal government; they also work in state and local agencies as well as nonprofit organizations.

Point Park offers associate and bachelor’s degrees in public administration, as well as certificates. Each program is fully online and students will be assisted along the way by our dedicated staff.

Students will gain a variety of skills in topics including:

  • Public budget and finance
  • Policy and decision analysis
  • Theories of public organizations
  • Principles of management
  • Managing nonprofit organizations
  • Disaster and emergency management
  • EMS community risk reduction

Our Associate of Science in Public Administration is great for students wanting to break into a public sector career quickly. Students will leave this program with the skills and credentials needed to thrive in entry-level positions.

For those interested in a more in-depth program, Point Park’s Bachelor of Science in Public Administration provides a solid building block for managing public services.

If you are interested in transitioning your career into the field of public administration, consider our Certificate in Public Administration. In this 18-credit program, you will learn how the public sector operates to open up new career opportunities.

Fire Service Administration

Individuals who are interested in a public safety career could consider our fire service administration programs. A concentration within our public administration degrees, this specialty provides career firefighters, volunteers or those new to the field with the skills needed to work in fire safety.

Our programs are developed directly from the Fire and Emergency Services Higher Education program of the National Fire Academy. Both a bachelor’s degree and a certificate are available in this field.

A variety of concepts and topics will be covered including:

  • Fire and emergency services administration
  • Political and legal foundations of fire protection
  • Fire prevention organization and management
  • Personnel management for the fire and emergency services
  • Special employee relations
  • Community risk reduction for the fire and emergency services
  • Applications of fire research

The Bachelor of Science in Public Administration – Fire Service Administration online degree provides students with a platform to develop skills needed to manage a fire department. Courses will discuss many of the contemporary issues facing fire safety professionals today.

Our 18-hour Certificate in Fire Service Administration provides students with a quick transition into the field. Students will gain an understanding of modern fire services.

Emergency Medical Services Administration

Behind every highly-trained team of paramedics and emergency medical technicians are managers working to keep medical services moving efficiently. At Point Park, we are training future EMS administrators are trained to be ready for this crucial and lifesaving career.

Another branch of the public administration program is EMS administration, offered in both a certificate and bachelor’s degree. Both of these fully-online programs provides students with the skills needed to begin their careers. They also draw from the National Fire Academy’s curriculum.

Students will gain a variety of skills needed to be effective EMS administrators, including:

  • Foundations of emergency medical services
  • EMS management
  • EMS community risk reduction
  • EMS safety and risk management
  • Legal, political and regulatory issues in EMS
  • EMS quality and performance management

The Bachelor of Science in Public Administration – EMS Administration online degree gives students modern techniques and skills that are crucial for being an effective leader of EMS departments. This option is great for students with previous emergency service experience who are ready for a new level of leadership and management.

If you are looking for a quick path to expanding your career options, the Certificate in EMS Administration could be a good fit for you. Students in this program swiftly develop the building blocks of EMS management.

Bachelor of Science in Business Management

With today’s fast-paced economy, being a strong candidate for employment requires up-to-date skill sets. Thousands of students have earned bachelor’s degrees in business from Point Park University and the program is also available in the online platform. This program will help you enhance your management skills and create  additional career opportunities while still maintaining your other time commitments.

Students will work to polish a variety of skills including:

  • Global business
  • Ethical leadership
  • Negotiation
  • Accounting
  • Business information systems
  • Modern economic concepts
  • And many more

Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Leadership

As more and more companies reevaluate their organizational and hierarchy structures, employers are looking for management professionals with unique and dynamic skill sets. With the Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Leadership, students will gain more understanding in modern management and leadership principles. This program will help mold students into dynamic leaders and experts in personnel management.

Students will gain deep instruction on these issues and principles:

  • Professional communication practices
  • Theories of public organization
  • Ethical leadership
  • Strategic planning
  • Gender dynamics in leadership
  • Systems thinking
  • Career development and succession

Master of Arts in Curriculum and Instruction

As alternative areas of education like adult learning and second language education continue to grow, the need for dedicated education professionals grows with them. Point Park’s Master of Arts in Curriculum and Instruction provides the opportunity to specialize in working beyond the traditional classroom.

Students in this program will be able to express how modern educational theory affects how to approach groups with different classroom needs. Experienced professors will help you fully interpret classroom topics like diversity, differentiated instruction and integration of technology.

You can choose either a concentration in adult learning and training or general curriculum and instruction. Each will give you the opportunity to develop skills that make you a valued member of your educational community.

Intelligence and Security

Point Park University offers a fully online Master of Arts in Intelligence and Global Security. These two programs are unique to the region and are among few nationwide. As our country keeps national security a government priority, law enforcement organizations constantly need citizens to help keep us safe. Students will leave this program with the basic skills needed to become viable candidates in this field.

Course topics include:

  • International terrorism
  • Evolution of intelligence
  • Counterintelligence
  • Intelligence tradecraft techniques

Each of these degree programs allows students to seek further education while balancing their previous job commitments. Our online students receive all of the benefits of a traditional Point Park education, in a format perfect for working students.

For more information about Point Park University and choosing the right degree, check out our online program page today.