How Point Park University Enrollment Counselors Simplify Enrollment

The benefits to earning your degree online are well known: It’s flexible, convenient and affordable. At Point Park University, we are committed to helping you succeed. Our commitment to you starts during the application process when we match our applicants with a personal enrollment counselor. The enrollment counselor will work with you to answer questions, keep you on track and make sure the process is as smooth as possible. They’ll even virtually “walk you” to your first day of class.

We caught up with a Point Park enrollment counselor to get some insight on the admission process.


Enrollment counselors help potential students with any questions they have and help them to understand what program would work best for their career goals. For example, someone may call about a business program, but after talking about their experience, it may be clear that organizational leadership is a better fit. So beyond getting admission materials submitted, the enrollment process is about helping potential students think more critically about the programs.


Students can come in from many different directions. They may call, email or even submit their application right away. Typically, the way it works is:

  1. Someone requests information on a program
  2. An enrollment counselor reaches out and sends them an introductory email with the information to review
  3. Then, the enrollment counselor and potential student discuss the program and talk about their work history, education history, goals for the future, and how they would fit into a Point Park program as well as how it would affect their life going forward

If after that conversation they are still interested and excited about the program, they fill out an application. If potential students have attended college before, they must provide transcripts (or high school transcripts if this is their first time attending college). In addition, some programs require a statement of goals or a resume, depending on the degree.

One of the key ways enrollment counselors help is by removing roadblocks. A lot of times, people can get in their own way. For example, if they have to complete a statement of goals, they may subconsciously put that off. The enrollment counselor can be a cheerleader to them as they work to complete the task, or help them make sure they have all their paperwork in order.


Keep in active contact with your enrollment counselor. First, address the items you feel will take the longest. Then make sure to touch base with people who you’re seeking letters of recommendations from. It’s important to stay organized and take care of the lengthier application steps early on so the process is quicker and easier.

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There are a number of variables that can affect time. Waiting on transcripts from other schools can take one to two weeks. Getting the statement of goals and a resume submitted can be very easy to complete, but it’s also easy for students to put off. On average it takes about three to four weeks, but it can be completed much faster.


One big problem is not requesting transcripts right away. After they’ve already been admitted, students need to make sure that they keep working with us as they are choosing their courses. We can help them know what courses are required for their program and make sure they are registered promptly.

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When considering applying, take an honest inventory of your aspirations and what you hope to get from the program. Be aware of why you’re doing this in the first place and honest about what’s holding you back. Ask your enrollment counselor about things you are nervous about. Chances are good we’ve helped other people with the same issue, and can help you too.


The most common concern enrollment counselors hear is “time.” People are navigating a job, family and prior commitments. But our asynchronous programs don’t require you to attend class, chats or other activities at a specific time. Instead, you are given flexibility to complete your work and can do it at any time during a given period. The freedom our programs provide gives students confidence that they can succeed while balancing other aspects of their lives.

To connect with your own enrollment counselor, visit our contact us page.

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