Point Park University matches every student who applies to the school’s online programs with an enrollment counselor who helps them navigate the process. Enrollment counselors answer questions, help students find classes and make sure every “i” and “t” is dotted and crossed.  

Here’s an overview of how enrollment counselors benefit online students at Point Park University. 

The Admissions Process 

Potential students typically fill out a form requesting information on a Point Park University program. They may also email or call. At that point, an enrollment counselor is assigned to them. They send potential students information to review and confirm they meet the requirements to apply to a program. They also spend time talking with the potential student, finding out their educational goals and career ambitions to match them with the right online degree program. They help them fill out the application and ensure they supply all the necessary information, including credits earned elsewhere that they want to transfer. 

Examining Programs 

For new students, finding the right degree program is job one. For example, a potential business student may want to look at the details of the BS in Business Administration program as well as the BS in Business Management (which offers concentrations in entrepreneurship and management). Beyond getting students through the admissions process, enrollment counselors connect students with materials they need to decide when choosing what program to enter. 

Staying Engaged As They Wait 

Students may have to wait as long as a month for all the necessary documents to get supplied for their application. Waiting on transcripts from other schools is often something that takes the longest. Potential students should stay in touch with their enrollment counselor to get updates, encouragement and advice. Keep in mind that the application process often goes much faster than expected. 

Addressing Common Concerns 

Some of the most common concerns from applying students revolve around whether they will have time to go to school. The answer is “yes.” Online courses allow students to schedule schoolwork around time spent at work and with family. Most classwork is asynchronous, meaning students can view lectures and other content on their schedule.  

Point Park University  maintains an online programs admissions process page that provides answers and school contact information. It’s the first place to visit for students interested in becoming a student.