7 Steps to Mastering the Online Enrollment Process

When you make the decision to start an online program, you want to get started quickly. Knowing what steps are required to enroll can help you prepare and streamline the process. The enrollment process at Point Park is designed to be as easy as possible, and we support you on every step of your education journey. Our enrollment counselors will work with you personally to help you get started fast, but there are still ways you can make the process easier. Here’s a seven-step guide to beginning your journey toward a brighter future.

complete an information form

By completing this short information form, you begin your journey to being enrolled. This will begin the enrollment process and allow us to collect your basic information, such as what program you are interested in and if you’ve taken college classes before. Once you submit the form, an enrollment counselor will contact you to answer your questions and help guide you through the rest of the process.

apply to point park

Our enrollment counselors will ensure that the program you have selected is right for you. They will make sure you have everything you need to apply and help start that process with you. The application includes more detailed information on your previous academic history and qualifications. Your application will go on to be reviewed by the admission committee for a decision on admittance.

send your official transcripts

If you have attended college before you may be eligible for transfer credit, which will help you finish your degree faster. Simply fill out the Official Transcript Request form (found in all information packets), listing all post-secondary institutions you have attended. This gives permission for those institutions to send an official transcript to us. We will then know if you meet our GPA requirements and be able to evaluate your possible transfer credits.

complete the FAFSA

Knowing how much financial aid you are eligible for will help you budget for your education. The FAFSA form can take time to process, so it is important to complete it as early as possible. Even if you believe you won’t qualify, fill out the FAFSA. Many students will find that they are eligible for much more than they believe. Once the FAFSA is filled out, we will see how much financial aid is available. Counselors are available to help you understand your tuition options.

look for alternate funding methods

If financial aid is not enough for you to afford tuition, other options are available. Many scholarships are offered. Search for grants and scholarships that apply to your degree or are designed for students returning to school.

decide on transfer credits

Once your official transcripts have been received, we will evaluate what transfer credits you are eligible for and can determine how many additional credits are required to complete your selected program. Read our transfer credit policy and speak with your enrollment counselor to understand the process.

start classes

Congratulations! You applied, got admitted, figured out your financial aid and learned about your transfer credits. Now, you can enroll in classes and begin your education journey. We encourage you to work with your success coach, who is here to support you as you begin this exciting chapter in your life. Your coach will help you get acclimated to the online classroom format and make sure you are adjusting to school.

What Next?

At Point Park University, we have developed an enrollment process that is straightforward and easy to navigate. Our trained enrollment counselors are ready to help you along every step of the way. From the moment you fill out an information form to the day you begin courses, you will be guided through a simple and easy process. The personal attention doesn’t end there either; individualized attention is part of our promise at Point Park. Learn more about Point Park and begin the enrollment process today!

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