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Character Name Generator

As a writer, you’re in the business of words. Maybe your story only has a few so far. Maybe you’re polishing off an opus. Either way, you know that every word matters, and that some – like names – carry more weight than others. Choosing what to call each carefully crafted character challenges even the… Read more »

How to Become a Screenwriter

How to Become a Screenwriter

What do “The Shape of Water,” “Moonlight” and “Spotlight” have in common, aside from being the three most recent winners of Best Picture at the Academy Awards? All three began as a screenplay. Screenwriters develop the backbone of every successful movie – a thorough and detailed screenplay. Screenplays act as the blueprint of a film… Read more »

How to Write Loglines that Work

The logline, which is a brief summary of a TV or movie script, is like a work of art in its own way. It takes a special kind of talent and creativity to sum up an entire film idea in one to two sentences. Loglines serve as pitches to producers and executives. A strong logline… Read more »

10 Ways Writers Can Stay Creative

Writing can be a fun, expressive exercise as you put your thoughts on paper or on screen. Until it’s not. Writer’s block is a frustrating emotion felt by writers around the world. When you’re stressed, and when you’re trying to come up with the perfect word, frustration grows. It can be difficult for screenwriters to… Read more »

How to Choose Strong Character Names for Your Screenplay

The ability to choose strong character names is crucial to success as a screenwriter. Character names hold meaning. They have the power to draw audiences in, provide additional layers of context, or even foreshadow events in a story. While there are no rules for selecting character names, a number of guidelines can prove useful during… Read more »

Archetypal Characters in the Hero’s Journey

Every story is a journey. Whether set in a fantastical world or the house next door, all narratives in some way chronicle the universal human experience of growth and transition. A screenwriter’s responsibility is to help guide the audience along this path in an accessible and compelling way. Enter archetypes. First described by Swiss psychologist… Read more »

A Guide to Character Archetypes

Although we may not realize it, all of us are intimately familiar with the characters below. Character archetypes are found in every storytelling culture on Earth. Carl Jung defined archetypes as ancient images and traits unconsciously shared by all humanity, commonly found in myths, stories and dreams. The 12 primary archetypes identified by Jung represent… Read more »

Screenplay Format Guide

Everyone has a story to tell. Script formatting — the standard way a script is visually structured on the page — is a key factor in telling those stories successfully. For beginning screenwriters, the rules of script formatting can initially seem confusing. However, they need not be. Those starting out in screenwriting can benefit from… Read more »