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An Introduction to the Public Policy-Making Cycle

Public policy is an essential function of government. As a tool for addressing societal challenges, it is the result of a great number of individuals working together to solve common problems. The public policy-making cycle streamlines this process. What Is Public Policy? Public policy describes the actions of government. Usually created in response to issues… Read more »

10 Public Administration Careers

“Power is the ability to do good things for others.” -Brooke Astor Many students don’t just want to earn a living; they want a life of service. Enter public administration. As a discipline that applies to a spectrum of fields, public administration can lead to a number of meaningful career paths that better the world… Read more »

Reality Without TV: What Hollywood Doesn’t Tell You About Public Administration Jobs

Television shows like Law and Order and Chicago Fire paint a picture of public administration jobs that is not always accurate. In the interest of entertaining audiences, scenes often skirt the details. Because TV viewers only see certain aspects of public administration careers, they may develop an inaccurate image of what police, fire and EMS… Read more »

Modern Public Administration in the Post-9/11 World

No one event has had more of an effect on modern American life than the attacks of 9/11. The aftermath of terrorist attacks on New York City and Washington, D.C. altered everything from attitudes about patriotism to how planes are boarded. But although the public’s attitudes changed, an even bigger shift happened within the government…. Read more »

What Is an EMS Degree?

The work of first responders is a critical public service that can help save countless lives. Emergency medical services (EMS) professionals, in particular, are crucial in helping citizens who have suffered some kind of harm and in promoting general safety. Significant experience and training are required to advance beyond the traditional roles of emergency medical… Read more »