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From Virtual to Reality: How International Cyber Crime Affects Global Relations

The United States remains involved across the globe in making the world safer for Americans and global citizens. But there’s another massive conflict that continues to grow in size and importance — cyberwarfare and international cyber crime are playing a bigger and bigger role in how we relate to other nations across the globe. They are… Read more »

Global disturbances: Locating today’s terrorist groups

In our post-9/11 world, it can seem like there is a new terrorist threat reported every day. With so many groups, branches and cells, it can be complicated to know who and where these threats are coming from. With this map, you can see what terrorist groups are operating out of the Middle East and… Read more »

Defending Sensitive Information: Data Security Breaches and Cybersecurity

Data security breaches

At this point, news of big-name corporations being hacked or suffering data security breaches are no longer surprising. It seems that almost every day another story breaks, whether it’s a giant retailer, a health insurance company, a bank or more. But beyond the headlines lies a complicated war, one that is waged daily.  Retailers, software companies and… Read more »

Your Blueprint to Uncovering the World of Intelligence Studies

It seems like every day there is news of a new global threat. ISIS, hacks from China or rumblings from North Korea are all commonplace. With these threats becoming more frequent, the importance of national and homeland security has increased tremendously. According to the National Counterterrorism Center, the United States receives between 8,000 and 10,000… Read more »

Intelligence Studies vs. Criminal Justice

To many people considering a career in public service, intelligence studies and criminal justice seem like equally good options. Although both degrees offer benefits, there are distinct differences. Criminal justice refers to the government institutions that deal with crime prevention and punishment. Intelligence studies focuses on the collection, analysis and distribution of intelligence that affects… Read more »