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9 Investment Strategies for Beginners

graphic of a hand putting money into a piggy bank

The world of investing has never been more accessible. Because of rapid technological developments, people from a number of diverse backgrounds can grow their wealth by making shrewd investments. According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, our constantly expanding financial industry is the largest per dollar amount in the world. Because of this $1.5 trillion… Read more »

6 Types of Cyberattacks That Threaten Small Businesses

The global cost of cyber crime will reach $2 trillion by 2019, according to IBM. For small business owners, successfully preventing a cyberattack can mean the difference between staying financially afloat and permanently losing their spot in the marketplace. It is therefore crucial for entrepreneurs to understand the types of cyber threats that might harm… Read more »

How to Develop Hospital Apps for Patients

When it comes to mobile hospital apps, the discrepancy between what health care providers offer and what patients want is dramatic. Although 66 percent of the largest U.S. hospitals offer mobile technology options, these apps are used by only 2 percent of target populations, according to Accenture. The absence of mobile hospital apps that are… Read more »

5 Famous Cyberattacks in the Last 5 Years

In today’s technology-driven world, exploitation of digital systems is all too common. Whether carried out on individuals, companies or governments, cyberattacks are unique due to their covert nature and scope of people they affect. Here are five of the most prominent cyberattacks in recent history. Famous Cyberattacks Adobe Systems (2013) What Happened Adobe Systems is a… Read more »

The Importance of Corporate Data Security and Privacy

The amount of information that companies must keep secure is increasing. As a result of technological advances, companies are constantly gaining more data about their clients and customers. They must ensure that data security and privacy remain a priority to protect against costly breaches. Origin of Data Security Threats The truth is that most data… Read more »

Six Web Design Trends Users Love

Web Design Trends

Web design trends are constantly changing. Web designers strive to provide an optimal user experience through a variety of techniques. These six web design trends are examples of the latest best practices. Quicker Navigation, Simpler Websites One-fourth of users abandon a website after four seconds of loading time, according to Kissmetrics. To avoid users leaving… Read more »

Internet for All: Web Accessibility Standards for People with Disabilities

Since its inception, the internet has been praised as an inclusive place. Unfortunately, many websites are inaccessible to people with disabilities, making it difficult to find information online. However, web accessibility for people with disabilities is becoming a greater priority, both in the government and private sector. What Is Web Accessibility? The World Wide Web Consortium’s… Read more »