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Patient Satisfaction and the Human Side of Health Care

It’s a given that hospitals value patient safety. But what about patient satisfaction? Providing positive patient experiences is now a top strategic priority among hospitals in the United States, according to a report by the Vocera Experience Innovation Network. Understanding the context of patient satisfaction is crucial for the success of health care leaders seeking… Read more »

How to Develop Hospital Apps for Patients

When it comes to mobile hospital apps, the discrepancy between what health care providers offer and what patients want is dramatic. Although 66 percent of the largest U.S. hospitals offer mobile technology options, these apps are used by only 2 percent of target populations, according to Accenture. The absence of mobile hospital apps that are… Read more »

Informing Change: The Implications of Digital Health Data

The digitalization of patient health information, whether medical records or insurance claims, began in earnest about a decade ago. It’s taken effort from health care personnel at all levels — as well as government mandates — to move the entire industry toward seizing the opportunity that the new influx of data offers. How Big Data… Read more »