It’s not surprising that in the free market-driven United States, a business degree ranks as the most popular degree, by far. With the emergence of online undergraduate business degrees, that popularity has only increased.

According to federal data, business degrees accounted for 19 percent of total degrees conferred in the U.S. in 2019, the latest year available. This demand translates into 390,600 graduates in business and business-related fields like marketing and management.

As part of its innovative online degree programs, Point Park University offers a variety of undergraduate online business degrees with specializations in areas ranging from accounting and human resources to marketing, sales, and social media. The University makes earning a quality business degree much more convenient for students in Pittsburgh and around the country.

Why Earn a Business Degree Online?

The main benefit of undergraduate online business degree programs is flexibility – they tend to attract working adults for this very reason. In the past, students found it challenging to earn a degree while working full-time because it involved attending traditional, on-campus classes.

Online degree programs eliminate this roadblock. Students can build a schedule to attend lectures and do schoolwork around their professional and personal lives. Online courses also:

  • Reduce the cost of a degree by not requiring students to live on campus or commute
  • Eliminate the inability to attend a school far away from where students live and work
  • Open networking opportunities with students from around the world
  • Encourage students to take their time management and self-discipline skills to a new level

Business students earning a degree online get the same high-quality education as those in traditional programs but more on their own terms. Point Park University has addressed every aspect of online earning, including streamlining the application process.

Point Park Online Degree Programs

Recognizing the popularity of business degrees and the focus on business specializations, Point Park University has developed a wide variety of online degree programs for business majors. The following list highlights those programs and the salaries for associated careers (salary information comes from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics).

Organizational Leadership. Students learn the fundamentals of modern management and hone critical management skills like effective communication and project management. (Management analyst, $87,660).

Public Relations and Advertising. Students learn to blend creativity with strategic planning as they learn the skills needed to build fully integrated marketing campaigns. (Public relations specialist, $62,810).

Social Media Management. Students learn the skills necessary to successfully use social media as part of a successful digital marketing strategy. (Social media specialist, $46,387).

Accounting. Students learn the fundamental principles of accounting and auditing, including macroeconomics, business law, and the application of computers to accounting. (Accountant, $73,560).

Business Administration. Students learn the skills needed to successfully lead an organization in the modern business environment, including e-commerce businesses. (Administrative services manager, $98,890).

Business Management. Students develop the skills to become dynamic, impactful leaders in their chosen field. (Sales consultant, $65,420).

Human Resources Management. Students learn the business, psychology, and other skills needed to excel in HR. (Human resources specialist, $63,490)

Marketing and Sales. Students learn the theory and application of marketing and sales strategies, including digital media. (Marketing research analyst, $65,810)

Public Administration. Public administration students graduate the program with the skills and knowledge needed to work in the important role of a public servant. (Community programs director, $69,600).

Why Choose Point Park University Online

In addition to the flexibility of distance learning, Point Park University’s undergraduate online business degree programs offer students the benefit of learning from working professionals. These experts bring an invaluable mix of educational skills and industry experience to the classroom.

Students also benefit from Point Park University’s commitment to small class sizes and affordable tuition. Students collaborate with advisors who help guide them throughout their online education at Point Park. That support spans their entire time at Point Park, from filling out the initial application to connecting with essential career resources as they near graduation.

Online undergraduate business degree majors at Point Park University leave the program as career-ready professionals benefitting from experiential learning, an experienced staff, and a supportive online environment. It’s the perfect degree program for working adults motivated to take their careers to the next level.