Marketing and sales professionals are critical to the success of an organization. They specialize in identifying and attracting the right audience for a product or service and ensuring a company correctly positions its offers to fulfill an important consumer need.

One of the most significant benefits of earning a B.S. in Marketing and Sales is that it opens the door to many career paths, all contributing to the success of sales and marketing strategy. Marketing and sales jobs range from marketing manager and director of client services to digital marketer and sales representative.

Qualities Employers Want for Sales and Marketing Jobs

By embodying specific qualifications, job applicants stand out as candidates who bring valuable marketing expertise, problem-solving prowess, leadership qualities, and a relentless drive for achievement.

The most important quality is a comprehensive understanding of current marketing trends and their impact on business strategies. Knowing these trends contribute to creating and sustaining a competitive advantage for any business.

Successful marketing and salespeople are self-starters with solid problem-solving abilities who can tackle complex problems using logical reasoning and creative thinking. They enjoy finding innovative solutions to marketing and sales challenges.

Those who aspire to higher positions in sales and marketing should exhibit proactive leadership qualities, frequently taking the initiative. Strong leadership abilities also include a willingness to explore uncharted territory, create opportunities for others, and embrace calculated risks.

Behind all these qualities is a high drive and desire to achieve. The most rewarding marketing and sales jobs are filled by people who possess an unwavering determination to accomplish goals.

These traits, and the skills learned in a marketing and sales degree program, are universally needed across all industries.  Business executives want to expand their customer base, market their products and services effectively, and generate widespread awareness of their products.

Popular Marketing and Sales Jobs

A marketing career involves positions in advertising, media planning, sales strategy, and other brand awareness methods designed to sell a product or service. A career in sales requires knowing and applying the best strategies to sell a product or service. Some of the most popular marketing and sales careers in these fields include the following (salaries from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics).

Market Research Analyst

Market research analysts ($63,920) gather and analyze data to provide insights into market trends and customer preferences. They conduct surveys, interviews, and focus groups to collect data and present actionable recommendations to business leaders. They require strong analytical skills, critical thinking, and attention to detail.

Sales Representative

Sales representatives ($77,390) are crucial in driving revenue for companies in every industry. They sell products or services to customers, generate leads, build relationships, negotiate deals, and achieve sales targets. Sales representatives can work in diverse industries, including technology, healthcare, finance, and consumer goods.

Digital Marketing Specialist

With the increasing importance of digital channels, organizations need professionals with expertise in digital marketing. A digital marketing specialist focuses on strategies for online advertising, including search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, content marketing, email marketing, and analytics. This role requires a strong understanding of digital platforms and emerging trends.

Public Relations Specialist

Public relations specialists ($119,860) manage organizations’ public image and reputation. They develop and implement communication strategies, write press releases, coordinate media relations, manage crisis communications, and build relationships with journalists and influencers. Excellent communication skills and the ability to manage sensitive situations are vital for this role.

Marketing Manager

Marketing managers ($158,280) work in advertising agencies, coordinating and managing client accounts. They collaborate with clients to understand their marketing objectives, develop marketing campaigns, manage budgets, and ensure effective communication between the marketing agency and clients. This role requires strong interpersonal skills and a deep understanding of marketing strategies.

Sales Manager

Sales managers ($127,490) typically have years of experience in sales. They guide sales teams, supporting them in their work, setting sales targets, and helping representatives meet them. They develop and maintain sales team budgets, analyze sales results, and set team priorities.

Brand Manager

Brand managers ($78,850) are responsible for developing and maintaining a brand’s identity and reputation. They create brand strategies, oversee advertising and promotional campaigns, manage product positioning, conduct market research, and ensure brand consistency across all channels. This role requires strong creativity, strategic thinking, and an understanding of consumer behavior.

These potential careers are attainable for those who earn a bachelor’s degree in marketing and sales. Exploring different industries and aligning your career goals and interests with the available opportunities is essential to find a path that suits you best.

Point Park University’s B.S. in Marketing and Sales

Students in the online B.S. in Marketing and Sales program at Point Park University learn the skills for challenging and rewarding marketing and sales jobs. Point Park University designed the program for working professionals, offering them the flexibility to earn a degree while maintaining their current work and personal responsibilities.

Skills gained in the programs include market research and analysis techniques, communication and negotiation skills, and an understanding of the foundation of human psychology and ethical leadership.

The 121-credit program, which students can complete in two to four years, allows professionals to hone their skills and prepare them for the many marketing career opportunities available to them.