An MBA stands as the educational benchmark for successful business leaders, providing the skills and knowledge they need to guide organizations in a diverse, global business environment.  Earning an MBA immediately boosts a graduate’s potential for higher income, job promotions, and career opportunities.

An MBA also provides transferable skills that apply to every industry. Students who decide to add a concentration can further enhance career options within their area of expertise.

Point Park University designed its MBA program with this in mind. Students receive an education in the foundations of smart business strategy and practice and have the opportunity to specialize in management and healthcare management.

Business Careers with an MBA

An MBA curriculum gives graduates knowledge and skills across a broad spectrum of business topics, increasing their career options. These options include accounting, marketing, finance, organizational behavior, managerial economics, and entrepreneurship.

According to U.S. News and World Report, professionals graduating from an MBA program are prepared for some of the hottest jobs in business. They report that the average salary for MBA graduates in 2020 exceeded $100,000.

Some of the top positions include the following. All salary figures and job projections come from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

Healthcare Administrator

Leaders in this field develop and oversee business strategies for healthcare operations ranging from hospitals and outpatient clinics to assisted living facilities. The position requires a combination of top-notch business skills and knowledge of the healthcare industry. The BLS projects 32% growth in the field by 2029. The average annual salary reached $118,880 in May 2020.

Marketing Manager

A marketing manager specializes in identifying potential markets for a company’s products and services. They also create marketing campaigns that target specific demographics within those markets. The BLS projects 7% job growth in the field by 2029. The average annual salary reached $154,470 in May 2020.

Management Consultant

Companies bring in management consultants to analyze current operations and identify areas where improvements increase efficiency, raise quality and boost profits. Consultants typically work for consultancies that specialize in this field. The BLS projects 11% growth in the field by 2029. The median annual salary reached $97,580 in May 2020.

Human Resource Manager

HR managers oversee the recruiting, hiring, training, and retention of new employees. They work with department heads and other managers to recruit talented people with the right skills for the job. In a competitive hiring environment, this job continues to increase in importance. The BLS projects 6% growth in the field by 2029. The average annual salary reached $134,580 in May 2020.

Financial Manager

Financial managers develop and oversee investment strategies for companies and prepare both internal and external financial reports. They work with other business leaders to ensure the company remains on track to achieve long-term financial goals. The BLS projects 15% growth in the field by 2029. The median annual salary reached $151,520 in May 2020.

An MBA prepares graduates in each of these careers. It also prepares them to launch their own companies.

The Point Park MBA Program

Point Park University offers an online MBA as well as an online Bachelor of Science in Business Administration program. The university offers both programs 100% online.

Point Park University can deliver a high-quality MBA program by offering these degrees online, giving professionals the flexibility they need to pursue a degree while maintaining their current professional and personal obligations.

MBA students earn 36 credits – 24 in the core curriculum and 12 in their concentration. Point Park University professors offer students the knowledge gained by years of experience as leaders in the business world. Core courses in the program include:

  • Accounting for Managers
  • Global Environment of Business
  • Legal Environment of Business
  • Marketing
  • Corporate Finance
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Quantitative Methods
  • Managerial Economics

Students choose to concentrate either in management or healthcare management.

Those who focus on management learn the standards of ethical leadership, organizational structure, and behavior. Graduates emerge from the MBA program with expertise in strategic planning and team management.

The healthcare concentration focuses on developing the knowledge needed to apply business strategy to the unique healthcare environment. The concentration prepares graduates to manage healthcare operations or departments within large healthcare organizations.

An MBA remains the best way to achieve business ambitions. For those who want to develop the skills to successfully lead a business or start one of their own, earning an online MBA can open the right doors and help them achieve their professional goals.