In a fast-paced and highly competitive job market, earning a professional studies degree can significantly boost a graduate’s career prospects. Whether seeking advancement in their current career or transitioning into a new one, students benefit from the practical and specialized education a professional studies degree offers.

A Master of Arts in Professional Studies takes it to another level, offering graduate students the chance to learn high-level skills that prepare them for leadership positions in their chosen fields. These programs provide a curriculum tailored toward the needs of working professionals motivated to boost their careers in a constantly evolving job market.

As noted in The Balance, “Beyond the abilities and knowledge needed for each profession, professionals in almost every discipline need a particular set of qualities, skills, and behaviors.” An MA in Professional Studies helps working adults attain these skill sets.

What is Professional Studies?

A graduate degree program in professional studies enables students to concentrate on honing industry-specific skills relevant to their profession, while also experiencing the advantages of a conventional postgraduate degree program. These programs emphasize cultivating the competencies employers seek and provide students with practical, hands-on experience in their respective fields.

One of the key features of a professional development program is that it teaches students how to apply theoretical knowledge in real-world situations. It also helps students develop some of the many skills it takes to become a successful leader,

These programs offer an interdisciplinary curriculum designed for individuals with a bachelor’s degree who aspire to progress into a higher role in their current area or gain the skills needed to transition to a different field. Graduates of the program acquire advanced knowledge and skills and gain a competitive advantage in a fiercely competitive job market.

What Are the Advantages of Earning a Professional Studies Degree?

In a professional studies graduate program, students can design their individualized curriculum by combining courses from various disciplines. In the Point Park University MA in Professional Studies program, those disciplines include advertising and public relations, business and administration, financial accounting, health care management, organizational leadership, and social media management.

A graduate professional studies program offers other advantages as well. Students can pursue practical, skills-focused learning in their career field of interest by designing their own programs. These skills and specialized knowledge make graduates better at their jobs and more valuable to employers, giving them an edge when seeking promotion.

An MA in Professional Studies is also useful for those who want to quickly learn the high-level skills needed in a profession they want to transition into in the future. For those seeking a career change, a professional studies degree can pave the way to success.

Students learn from expert practitioners with a history of success in their fields. Their expertise helps students apply their newly learned skills to real-world situations. Students also can immediately apply what they learn in the online course to their current jobs.

A sometimes overlooked benefit of a professional studies program is that it allows students to tap into a network of professional peers and academics who can provide guidance and help them make valuable connections within their profession.

The Point Park University MA in Professional Studies Program

The 100% online MA in Professional Studies program from Point Park University provides students the flexibility of creating an individual plan of study that aligns with their career goals. Students can complete the 33-credit-hour program in one to two years, with each course spanning eight weeks and various start times available throughout the year. Additionally, students can expedite their degree by transferring up to 18 graduate credits into the program.

Students choose courses from two disciplines, earning 12 credits for each. They also take three core courses: Seminar in Professional Studies, Capstone Proposal Seminar, and Capstone Project.

Earning a master’s degree prepares graduates prepare for various high-level jobs, depending on each student’s career field. Some examples include fundraising manager, regional sales manager, training and development manager, and compensation and benefits manager.

Students who earn a professional studies degree make a smart investment in their future. By learning specialized knowledge and getting practical experience, they leave the program ready to achieve their career goals and reach their full potential.