Once considered a nice-to-have, video now is a critical part of any smart marketing campaign. While text and images both play key roles, as well, people online increasingly turn to video for everything from taking a class to learning out a new product.

According to Statista, 239 million people in the United States watched video online in 2020. People watch videos for many different reasons, but the main reason is for entertainment. Sites such as YouTube also are social sites where people can comment and like videos, as well as exchange views with others.

In modern marketing, the most attention is now paid toward digital marketing via video, social media, email and website content. Working video into the mix makes all marketing campaigns much more powerful and compelling. Companies that make the move into digital marketing reap many benefits of video marketing.

How Video Marketing Benefits Companies

Businesses realize video marketing benefits in a number of ways. Some of the most impactful video marketing tips include the following.

Video Works Well With Mobile

If you want content to grab attention, it needs to have a mix of multimedia formats like videos. That’s because multimedia works well with different device screens, which is important when so many people access content via mobile devices. People tend to impatiently scroll on their phones. Video offers something compelling to grab their attention.

Video Builds Brand

Video marketing is a powerful tool for building brand identities. Most research has found that a series of shorter, compelling videos work best in getting attention and building a brand, especially when posted on various social media channels. This aspect of video marketing is especially important for small to midsize businesses looking to grow their brand identity.

Video Showcases Personality

While words can convey information as well as personality, video gets the job done in a more direct fashion. Video allows a business CEO or another spokesman to establish their personality in a few short minutes. This quickly builds trust and familiarity with a company. The key here is having someone speak for the company with a magnetic personality, great voice and a demeanor that puts people at ease.

You’re Giving the People What They Want

A study from Zenith found that people will spend about 100 minutes a day watching video online in 2021. Research also found that most people prefer video content to text on social media sites. That’s led 88% of marketers to tell researchers that they get solid ROI on video content, compared to just 33% who said the same in 2015.

Video Improves Conversions

Placing video on a landing page increases conversions by 80 percent, according to HubSpot. Precision Marketing Group reports that placing a video in an email leads to as much as a 200% to 300% increase in click-through rates.

Video Helps SEO

Google loves video – that is, if you take the time to create and optimize your videos for the search engine. That includes choosing the right platform, an engaging thumbnail, placing it on a relevant webpage, writing strong titles and descriptions. The return on investment will become evident with increased organic traffic.

Video Marketing Is Part of Earning a Sales and Marketing Degree

Video marketing is part of the curriculum in Point Park University’s online Bachelor of Science in Marketing and Sales. The program offers a Marketing Management Concentration that enables students to understand the connection between creativity, innovation and product development.

Graduates from the program will understand how to put video marketing to work to achieve marketing goals by creating effective video marketing strategies. That’s a necessary skill for success in the modern marketing environment.