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Contrasting Classrooms: Instructional Differences Between Pedagogy vs. Andragogy

Today’s workplace encompasses diverse populations of adult learners. As the population of adult learners grows, so does the need for trained and effective adult education professionals who understand the difference between pedagogy vs. andragogy. Because people learn differently at different ages, pedagogy is not a one-size-fits-all approach. In fact, andragogy is a term that refers to… Read more »

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Sending the Right Message: The Relationship Between Public Relations and Political Campaign Strategies

In many ways, public relations is a natural extension of politics. The way the general public perceives political candidates goes a long way toward how they will vote. But controlling public perception is easier said than done. That’s why political campaigns have extensive personnel dedicated to ensuring a candidate appears in the best light possible,… Read more »

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Shaping a Vision: The Relationship Between Marketing and Political Campaign Strategies

With the presidential election in full swing, Americans are focused on deciding who will get their vote. Certainly, the issues remain an important part of political campaigns. However, a candidate’s image also plays a significant role. Voters must be able to envision a candidate as president of the United States. That is where political marketing… Read more »

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Economic Growth: A Survey of Emerging Industries in the United States

Fifty years ago, who would have thought computers, the Internet and the endless advancement of technology would have such an impact on what workers do today and how they do it? Finding a career in one of the emerging industries  is essential for professional success. What emerging industries are growing at a rapid pace? Which… Read more »

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Balancing the Books: How Forensic Accountants Fight White Collar Crime

Fraud affects countless Americans every year and results in the loss of billions of dollars. With white collar crime such a widespread and complicated problem in the 21st century, many professionals are needed to address fraud effectively. Enter forensic accounting — an increasingly popular accounting specialty that deals with fraud and its legal ramifications. Forensic… Read more »

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How to Become a Management Consultant

Understanding the needs of a business and solving its problems are challenging tasks. That’s why organizations often rely on outside consultants to analyze the issues, offer solutions and help the company meet its goals. No two days are alike for management consultants, who enjoy a strong salary and the chance to make a difference in… Read more »

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Beyond Steel: The History of Pittsburgh Business

Pittsburgh has been affectionately called “The Steel City” for its prominent role in the Industrial Revolution and its key contributions to America’s rise in global business. In many ways, the growth of the U.S. economy can be examined by focusing on the history of Pittsburgh business. Before, during and after the steel boom, Pittsburgh has… Read more »

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Reality Without TV: What Hollywood Doesn’t Tell You About Public Administration Jobs

Television shows like Law and Order and Chicago Fire paint a picture of public administration jobs that is not always accurate. In the interest of entertaining audiences, scenes often skirt the details. Because TV viewers only see certain aspects of public administration careers, they may develop an inaccurate image of what police, fire and EMS… Read more »