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Sending the Right Message: The Relationship Between Public Relations and Political Campaign Strategies

In many ways, public relations is a natural extension of politics. The way the general public perceives political candidates goes a long way toward how they will vote. But controlling public perception is easier said than done. That’s why political campaigns have [...]

Shaping a Vision: The Relationship Between Marketing and Political Campaign Strategies

With the presidential election in full swing, Americans are focused on deciding who will get their vote. Certainly, the issues remain an important part of political campaigns. However, a candidate’s image also plays a significant role. Voters must be able to envision [...]

From Virtual to Reality: How International Cyber Crime Affects Global Relations

The United States remains involved across the globe in making the world safer for Americans and global citizens. But there’s another massive conflict that continues to grow in size and importance — cyberwarfare and international cyber crime are playing a bigger and bigger [...]

November 23, 2015|Intelligence|

Reality Without TV: What Hollywood Doesn’t Tell You About Public Administration Jobs

Television shows like Law and Order and Chicago Fire paint a picture of public administration jobs that is not always accurate. In the interest of entertaining audiences, scenes often skirt the details. Because TV viewers only see certain aspects of public administration careers, [...]

Informing Change: The Implications of Digital Health Data

The digitalization of patient health information, whether medical records or insurance claims, began in earnest about a decade ago. It’s taken effort from health care personnel at all levels — as well as government mandates — to move the entire industry toward [...]

Defending Sensitive Information: Data Security Breaches and Cybersecurity

At this point, news of big-name corporations being hacked or suffering data security breaches are no longer surprising. It seems that almost every day another story breaks, whether it’s a giant retailer, a health insurance company, a bank or more. But beyond the headlines [...]

April 29, 2015|Intelligence|
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