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How to Respond to a Social Media Crisis

A brand team huddles around a conference table with laptops to address a social media crisis.

In the age of social media, customers can give feedback immediately and, in a lot of cases, anonymously. Because of this, companies now have a responsibility to communicate with social media users in real time. In this online environment, things have the potential to turn sour quickly. When they do, businesses start to feel the… Read more »

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How to Get Started as a Social Media Consultant

Young professional working on her laptop while drinking a latte with emojis, reactions and message bubbles floating nearby.

This blog post was written by guest contributor Viveca Chow. In this day and age, social media has led to a world of convenience. It has become so convenient that you can now use it to your advantage and make a living out of it. Brands are constantly looking for social media managers, influencers and… Read more »

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To Post or Not to Post? Social Media for Small Business

Because most of the world now is online, smaller and growing companies have the unique opportunity to reach wider audiences through social media. As a result, 54% of small businesses are looking to expand their online profiles through a stronger social media presence, according to Wells Fargo. It’s important, then, for small business owners to… Read more »

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Using Technology to Improve Communication at Work

Illustration of two business professionals leaning out of computer screens to shake hands representing technology changes to communication at work.

Communication at work is different than it was just ten years ago. The days of faxes, telephone calls and memos are over, and in their place is a technologically connected office space. This allows for almost constant feedback and availability. Office communication technology has been both applauded and tolerated, but when used correctly, it can… Read more »

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The Future of Electronic Payment Processing

Illustration of wireless of instant payment on a point-of-sale device using a smartphone.

Despite the growth of electronic payment processing methods, it may surprise you to learn that cash is still one of the most popular methods of payment. A study by the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta on the payment preference of consumers found that cash transactions amounted to more than 30% of total transactions in 2017…. Read more »

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How to Know When Rebranding is Right

Office workers paint a cutout letter "A" representing a rebranding campaign.

When a company is formed and throughout its entire lifecycle, its brand is pivotal to success. Sometimes, a brand doesn’t resonate with the target market or becomes stale and a company must consider a rebrand. This can consist of changing or updating the brand’s name, logo or entire identity. Rebranding is a significant undertaking that… Read more »

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Evolution of Business: The Growth of Direct-to-Consumer Brands

Illustration of hand holding up a board with business people in suits running up the upward slope created by it.

The direct-to-consumer business model has experienced tremendous growth in the U.S. and disrupted the economic landscape of large retail stores. The direct-to-consumer model allows companies to manufacture, market and sell products straight to consumers. By cutting the middleman out of the process, these companies often have higher profit margins, more control of their manufacturing and… Read more »

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Juvenile Recidivism: A Second Chance

Illustration of the "scales of justice" in shades of green.

A big challenge facing the criminal justice system is juvenile recidivism, repeat criminal offenses by minors. While there are no national estimates, individual states keep statistics on juvenile offenses and how many are committing multiple crimes. In recent years, the arrest rate for minors has declined, in part because of measures put in place to… Read more »

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Troopers and Tech: The Relationship Between Policing and Technology

Illustration of a police officer with icons for justice, surveillance cameras and other technologies in the background.

Just as average citizens use technological innovations as part of their daily routines, many law enforcement agencies are adopting new technology, as well. From social media to on-the-go cameras, these technological advancements are changing not only the way we interact with one another, but also how police departments conduct their daily business. Policing and Technology… Read more »

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25 Latin Legal Terms You Should Know

gavel with cyber computer coding numbers

Latin legal terms can seem like a language outside of your everyday use, but you may be surprised at how many you already know. We’ve all watched a suspect give an alibi while watching our favorite legal drama, and you’ve likely entered many quid pro quo agreements if you’ve ever swapped books, recipes or even… Read more »