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#BeSocial: Why Your Social Media Presence is Your Business and Calling Card!

This blog post was written by guest contributor Courtney Brennan. If there was ever a time that proved the power, necessity and connectability of social media, that time is now! I’m writing this as we’re in the middle of a very scary [...]

April 24, 2020|Communication|

Going Viral: The Benefits of Video Marketing | PPU Online

In our image-obsessed culture, it’s no surprise that more people are watching videos than ever before. According to the Pew Research Center, nearly three-quarters of U.S. adults watch YouTube videos. Video consumption is trending even more among younger generations, too, with 90% of 18- [...]

February 3, 2020|Business|

5 Steps to Create a Social Media Strategy for Your Business

This blog post was written by guest contributor Katie Love If your business has no presence on social media, you have a problem. According to the Global Digital Report 2019, there are 3.5 billion active social media users. That’s 3.5 billion people every [...]

November 26, 2019|Communication|

How Marketers Are Leveraging Micro Influencers

In social media marketing, influencers reign supreme. Major celebrities with massive followings often help drive sales when they endorse different products, but this practice isn’t cheap. In 2019, Kim Kardashian reportedly is charging between $300,000 to $500,000 per post. Clearly, not every company can [...]

September 19, 2019|Communication|

To Post or Not to Post? Social Media for Small Business

Because most of the world now is online, smaller and growing companies have the unique opportunity to reach wider audiences through social media. As a result, 54% of small businesses are looking to expand their online profiles through a stronger social media presence, according [...]

August 1, 2019|Communication|

Troopers and Tech: The Relationship Between Policing and Technology

Just as average citizens use technological innovations as part of their daily routines, many law enforcement agencies are adopting new technology, as well. From social media to on-the-go cameras, these technological advancements are changing not only the way we interact with one [...]

February 13, 2019|Criminal Justice|
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