Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

Protect and serve the public with a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice degree from Point Park University. This program prepares you for a career in one of several segments of the criminal justice system, including police departments, correctional facilities or the court system. Learn skills relevant to today’s criminal justice system, including the detection of crimes, investigation of crimes, prosecution of offenders and the enforcement of the law. Upon graduation, you will be qualified to enter entry-level jobs in police departments, correctional facilities and other law enforcement based groups.

Thanks to the convenience and flexibility of online learning, you will be able to balance work and personal commitments while still pursuing an exceptional education. You will learn when and where you want, with real-world instructions from our professors. Our degree is ideal for working professionals in need of a program custom-built around their needs.

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Course Offerings

This degree requires a total of 120 credit hours to complete. The program also has the option of degree completion, allowing students to transfer up to 60 credit hours. Tuition is $400 per credit hour. While completion time does depend on the amount of transfer credits you bring, some students can complete this program in as few as two years.

Thematic Core Courses (42 credits):

    • COMM 101 Oral Communications and Presentation
    • ENGL 101 College Composition
    • UNIV 101 City-University Life
    • Explore the World – Choice 1
    • Explore the World – Choice 2
    • Investigative Science
    • Investigative Mathematics
    • Become a Storyteller
    • Understand People – Choice 1
    • Understand People – Choice 2
    • Succeed in Business
    • Appreciate and Apply the Arts
    • Discover Technology
    • Capstone

*Math course level dependent on results of placement exam.
**One Writing Intensive course in addition to ENGL 101 is required for graduation.

Departmental Major Requirements (48 credits):

    • FSCI 370 Forensic Evidence I
    • FSCI 371 Forensic Evidence II
    • HIST 382 History of Pittsburgh
    • PSYC 245 Intro to Forensic Psychology
    • CRMJ 150 Intro to Criminal Justice
    • CRMJ 151 Evolution of Policing
    • CRMJ 201 Constitutional Law for Law Enforcement
    • CRMJ 220 Professional Communication in CRMJ
    • CRMJ 230 Professional Responsibilities
    • CRMJ 250 Criminal Law & Procedure
    • CRMJ 251 Criminology
    • CRMJ 261 The Courts and Criminal Trial
    • CRMJ 262 Corrections, Probation & Parole
    • CRMJ 361 Criminal Evidence
    • CRMJ 362 Criminal Investigations
    • CRMJ 403 Federal Law Enforcement

Departmental Major Electives (18 credits)

Choose (6) courses from:

    • CRMJ 254 Juvenile Justice
    • CRMJ 290 History of Organized Crime
    • CRMJ 304 Competitive Exams & Hiring Process
    • CRMJ 305 Joint Task Force
    • CRMJ 313 Sex Crimes Investigation
    • CRMJ 315 Quantitative Method
    • CRMJ 330 Risk Assessment & Investigation
    • CRMJ 351 Research Methods and Design
    • CRMJ 352 Fraud Investigations
    • CRMJ 364 Money Laundering
    • CRMJ 396 Act 120 (12) OR Correctional Academy (9)
    • CRMJ 400 Transnational Criminal Activities
    • CRMJ 404 International Criminal Law
    • CRMJ 420 Re-thinking Rehab & Re-Entry
    • CRMJ 455 Criminal Justice Internship
    • CRMJ 470 Criminal Profiling

General Elective Requirements (12 credits)

After Graduation

With a degree in criminal justice, you will have a variety of career opportunities to choose from. Our graduates have gone on to work in:

  • Allegheny County Department of Corrections
  • Allegheny County Office of Probation
  • Butler County Juvenile Court Services
  • Butler County Sheriff Department
  • City of Pittsburgh Police Department (Major Crimes)
  • Renewal, Inc.
  • Moon Township Police Department
  • The Bradley Center, Inc.
  • The Robert Moore Center for Juvenile Justice

Admission Requirements

Students applying for entry into Point Park University’s B.S. in Criminal Justice program must meet the following requirements:

  1. Degree admission requires a satisfactory transcript from either a high school or postsecondary institution. Transcripts from postsecondary institutions must include a minimum of 12 earned credits or six months of training. A cumulative minimum GPA of 2.0 is required. Students with a lower GPA may be considered for admission by the program director based on additional information in support of the application.
  2. The University reserves the right to require an interview or supplementary materials for any applicant (degree or non-degree) and to use these as a means for making an admission decision.

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