Program Overview

Becoming a leader takes the right combination of experience and knowledge. Now, gain expertise in the fundamentals of modern management with the online Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Leadership degree from Point Park University. This fully online program helps you hone critical leadership skills, including organizational principles, effective communication, project management and more.

Curriculum Overview

The B.A. in Organizational Leadership program helps students develop key management skills, including ethical leadership, strategic planning and organizational change. Each course is developed by professionals for professionals, and the curriculum focuses on career preparedness. The program offers flexibility and support from application to graduation.

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  • Next Start Date:October 15, 2017
  • Est. Program Length:2-4 Years
  • Credit Hours:120
  • Course Length:8 Weeks
  • Cost Per Credit:$433
Thematic Core Courses (42 credits)
  • COMM 101 Oral Communications and Presentation
  • ENGL 101 College Composition
  • UNIV 101 City-University Life
  • Explore the World – Choice 1
  • Explore the World – Choice 2
  • Investigative Science
  • Investigative Mathematics
  • Interpret Creative Works
  • Understand People – Choice 1
  • Understand People – Choice 2
  • Succeed in Business
  • Appreciate and Apply the Arts
  • Discover Technology
  • Capstone

*Math course level dependent on results of placement exam.
**One Writing Intensive course in addition to ENGL 101 is required for graduation.

Departmental Major Requirements (51 credits)
  • BMGT 101 Introduction to Business
  • BUS 301 Computer Concepts and Applications in Business
  • BUS 306 Professional Communication Practices OR ENGL 304 Advanced Oral Communication
  • BUS 310 Fund. of Personnel Management and Regulations in the Workplace
  • BUS 315 Essentials of Org. Leadership and Behavior OR PADM 308 Theories of Public Organizations
  • BUS 404 Ethical Leadership
  • BUS 417 Dynamics of Business and Strategic Planning
  • ECON 201 Principles of Macroeconomics
  • ECON 202 Principles of Microeconomics
  • LEAD 110 Leadership: Introduction to the Study of Leadership
  • LEAD 312 Leadership: Confluence of Emotional and Cultural Acumen
  • LEAD 315 Leading Organizational Change
  • LEAD 317 Understanding Gender and Power: Gender Dynamics in Leadership
  • LEAD 415 Systems Thinking for Emerging Leaders
  • LEAD 445 Career Development and Succession Strategies for Leaders
  • LEAD 460 Leading in the Metanational Environment
  • PADM 210 Public Administration
Departmental Major Electives (9 credits)

Select (3) LEAD/PADM/BMGT courses at 300+

General Elective Requirements (18 credits)
  • Students may use general electives to complete or partially complete a double major or one or more minors. Students are encouraged to select courses within the School of Business.

Students applying for entry into Point Park University’s B.A. in Organizational Leadership program must meet the following requirements:

  1. Degree admission requires a satisfactory transcript from either a high school or postsecondary institution. Transcripts from postsecondary institutions must include a minimum of 12 earned credits or six months of training. A cumulative minimum GPA of 2.0 is required. Students with a lower GPA may be considered for admission by the program director based on additional information in support of the application.
  2. The University reserves the right to require an interview or supplementary materials for any applicant (degree or non-degree) and to use these as a means for making an admission decision.

Career Outcomes

Earning a bachelor’s degree can have a significant effect on your salary. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average bachelor’s degree holder earns $59,124 annually compared to $35,256 among those with only a high school diploma. Here are a few careers available to organizational leadership graduates.

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