Program Overview

Design your future with the online Interdisciplinary Design degree at Point Park University. This unique program provides students the chance to actively create their own curriculum, giving them the opportunity to tailor their education to fit their professional goals. The degree is perfect for those seeking to work in specialized fields or those with college credit who want to complete their bachelor’s degree.

Curriculum Overview

This fully online program combines two to three disciplines of your choosing for a truly well-rounded program of study. Students will take a required core curriculum and work with personal advisors to ensure they accomplish their academic goals. Toward the end of the program, students will also be required to complete a project such as a thesis or community service that intersects theory and application in their field of interest.

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  • Next Start Date:October 15, 2017
  • Est. Program Length:2 - 4 Years
  • Credit Hours:120
  • Course Length:8 Weeks
  • Cost Per Credit:$433
Thematic Core Courses (42 credits)
  • Explore the World – Choice 1
  • Explore the World – Choice 2
  • Investigate Science
  • Investigate Mathematics
  • Interpret Creative Works
  • Understand People – Choice 1
  • Understand People – Choice 2
  • Succeed in Business
  • Appreciate & Apply the Arts
  • Discover Technology
Major Requirements (78 credits)

Humanities & Human Sciences

Choose any combination of:

  • HIST 201 History of Western Civilization I
  • HIST 202 History of Western Civilization II


  • 2 PHIL 100+ courses


  • 2 HIST 300+ courses

Language Sequence

Must include a minimum of a 2-course sequence in the same foreign language (courses in translation excluded)

Senior Seminar/Thesis/Project and/or Community Service

  • HUMA 495 Senior Seminar Community Services
  • HUMA 496 Senior Seminar Thesis Project (Sr. Capstone)


  • Discipline 1: 18 credit hours
  • Discipline 2: 18 credit hours
  • Discipline 3/General Electives: 21 credit hours

The department requires combining 18 hours in 2-3 disciplines. Students must submit proposal combining 2-3 disciplines, with 18 hours of coursework in each. Courses are normally on the 200 to 300 level. The major must receive the approval of the director. After completion of coursework, the major must complete a senior thesis, project or community service as directed by the department director.

Note: Approved credit in the liberal arts may be substituted for HHS and/or Cultural Studies requirements.

* Minimum proficiency (C or better) required in HHS

Students applying for entry into Point Park University’s BA in Interdisciplinary Design program should complete the following steps:

  1. Complete the online application.
  2. Submit official transcripts. To submit your transcripts, print and complete the official transcript request form and fax it to 1-800-473-2512.
  3. Submit current resume.

Career Outcomes

Earning a bachelor’s degree can open the door to new professional opportunities. Because the Interdisciplinary Design curriculum is personally designed by each student, you can build your program of study to support your unique career goals.

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