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Press, Politics and Private Ownership: Comparing Global Media Systems


The nature of a country’s media cannot be divorced from its political, cultural or historical context. Comparing media systems provides an opportunity to understand how different nations view the role of the press, journalism and information distribution. Types of Media Systems Below are a few of the most common and influential media systems. Polarized Pluralist… Read more »

Sending the Right Message: The Relationship Between Public Relations and Political Campaign Strategies

Public Relations in Politics Point Park

In many ways, public relations is a natural extension of politics. The way the general public perceives political candidates goes a long way toward how they will vote. But controlling public perception is easier said than done. That’s why political campaigns have extensive personnel dedicated to ensuring a candidate appears in the best light possible,… Read more »

Shaping a Vision: The Relationship Between Marketing and Political Campaign Strategies

Marketing and Political Campaigns

With the presidential election in full swing, Americans are focused on deciding who will get their vote. Certainly, the issues remain an important part of political campaigns. However, a candidate’s image also plays a significant role. Voters must be able to envision a candidate as president of the United States. That is where political marketing… Read more »