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Five Strategies to Afford Your Online Degree


Cost is a consideration for many students looking to earn their degrees.  Students who need financial assistance have many choices, and the options below share how to get more financial aid and detail the necessary steps to take. 1. Federal Aid The first step in your quest for financial aid is to complete the Federal… Read more »

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How Point Park University Success Coaches Guide Students


You may have taken classes in a traditional setting. For students used to sitting in a classroom and having face-to-face interaction with professors and classmates, online learning is a different experience. It is the job of a Point Park University success coach to guide students throughout the entire online education experience. This trained group of… Read more »

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Useful Tips for Online Students


The average college student dedicates about 3.4 hours to school tasks every weekday. Although the ability to complete course assignments at your convenience is a significant benefit of online programs, students still need to dedicate time and effort to succeed. We understand that you are juggling other priorities along with your coursework. That’s why we’ve… Read more »

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7 Steps to Mastering the Online Enrollment Process

When you make the decision to start an online program, you want to get started quickly. Knowing what steps are required to enroll can help you prepare and streamline the process. The enrollment process at Point Park is designed to be as easy as possible, and we support you on every step of your education… Read more »

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Choosing the Right Degree at Point Park Online

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With so many options in today’s education marketplace, it’s important that you find the university that works best for you. At Point Park University, we understand our students want options with their education. This is why we offer a variety of flexible degree programs that provide our students with career-applicable skills. With the program descriptions… Read more »

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What You Need to Know About Point Park University Online


Founded in 1960, Point Park University prides itself as a focal point in Pittsburgh’s vibrant Central Business District, otherwise known as the Golden Triangle. We’ve taken the knowledge and experience from the corporations and organizations that surround us and created a dynamic range of degree options that span a variety of career paths. The flexibility… Read more »